Lost and Found


On a lazy evening, sitting on a couch, Norman was just staring blankly outside the window. The Sun was setting down and the soft, crimson red rays was coming inside through the open window. The flocks of birds were flying home. Norman’s mind was wandering too – but in the past. The old book of memories was open in front of him and the grey, dusty pages were being turned over one by one, automatically, in the backdrop of a half darkened room.

He never saw his real parents. His foster parents were everything to him. But his luck never favored him. He lost his parents in a freak accident when he was in his early twenties. He became an orphan again. He had good grades in college, but struggled to get a good job. His only hope was his first love whom he met in his college and married later. But his stars laughed at him again. His marriage life was not a happy one and they were on the verge of separation. He was living in his forties, but it seemed to him that he had been living for ages. He didn’t get any idea why he was living and what he should do. He just forgot to be happy. He lost himself in the grim darkness.

So there sat Norman, with lights turned out and only the dying light of dusk was present. Suddenly he heard a low, painful tweeting of a bird. It seemed to be coming right from his window pane area. He got up and discovered a small bird – probably attacked by a predator bird, but somehow it escaped and fell down beside his window. It was in shear pain. Norman picked up the bird, lit the lights of his room and tried to clean its wounds with a cotton ball softened with water. Then he warmed little bit of milk and fed the injured bird with the help of a cotton nipple dipped in the milk. While nursing and caring that little creature, his heart was filled with a strange sort of happiness and peace. He felt a selfless bond growing between him and the small bird. Was the common injury the fact that felt uniting them? He didn’t know. He kept the bird in a small, soft box and went to sleep.

Next morning, Norman woke up earlier than normal. It was the time of sunrise. The room was filled with the yellow rays of the shining Sun, indicating the beginning of a new, fresh day. Norman never enjoyed the sunrise so much as he did today. The birds were chirping merrily outside. He remembered about the bird he found yesterday and rushed to check it. To his surprise, he found it was gone!! He mistakenly kept the box beside the window and the bird, being healed decently by overnight, just flew away seeing the morning Sun. He was sad inside, losing his companion for a night. But the bird, the small creature, showed him the purpose of his life. He was happy from within. He knew that his grey, dusty, gloomy memories won’t drag him in the darkness anymore. He found the road to inner peace and tranquility – by serving selflessly.

Suddenly he heard a bird chirping by the window. When he looked out, he was overjoyed to see that little bird again!! It came to him to thank him!! The bird chirped merrily, sat on Norman’s shoulder and pecked on his cheek and then flew away. Norman watched the bird flying swiftly to far – very far away. Norman’s heart was filled with joy. He jumped in a new enthusiasm and began planning for his new journey in life.


Just Some Thoughts


The first thought that came into my mind after seeing today’s daily prompt was about my hobbies. Two things are complementary to my life – music and books – and very coincidentally, today is “World Book Day” !!

I am an avid listener of music and a voracious reader of books. About books if you ask, I prefer to read more of classic literature and of course historical books with proper references. Writings of Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne and most importantly, Leo Tolstoy inspire me a lot. Sometimes I feel alone and probably that’s why I actually started to write blog, because I don’t prefer writing in social media and count likes from my friends. You know I like to imagine a lot. Some of these imaginations are based on life’s hard and realistic lessons (practically I am a realist, somewhat optimist but not fully), and some totally depicts a new, dream world of ever lasting joy and happiness (am I an escapist? No, but I like to dream). I guess you already know these from my posts !!

History is one of my favorite subjects and currently the book I am reading is William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”. I must say that the analytical and liberal mindset I have developed today is significantly due to the repeated analysis of every events from numerous points of views – and not just blindly supporting the “common” belief.

I saved music for the last because this is something without which there is no moment of my life. And again my preference is classical music. Let me tell you, I have no formal training of music but my grandpa was a very learned man and he bought a lot of those grand, old vinyl records from different sources. Later my mom and my maternal uncle bought a lot more – of different categories. The musical culture at our home has imbibed classical music in our heart and soul. Sadly I never saw my grandpa and I feel I lost a great opportunity. Of famous Western classical composers – Mozart, Beethoven, Holst, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and many more are in my favorites list.

Just now I was listening to one of my favorites of Holst – “Neptune, the Mystic”. May be I prefer mysticism more as I always love the quest for the unknown !! If you are a regular listener of classical music, I am sure you must have heard this. But I would like to share this for everyone. I prefer to listen this while alone. I am sorry I couldn’t upload from my laptop as it’s not supported in free version of WordPress.

G. Holst – The planets Op. 32 – Neptune, the Mystic – Berliner Philharm. – H. von Karajan

What’s that in your life for which you can use the word “avid” appropriately? What are your favorite books, writers and composition? Do share your views..


Perfect Harmony

Waves of Harmony

When I saw today’s daily prompt, I thought I won’t write any thoughtful or imaginative essay or story today. This is because today is “Earth Day” and I took this occasion to share a picture taken by me a year back.

Nature is our mother. All that we have understood, discovered and invented throughout all these years of scientific developments – are undoubtedly the gifts of our mother nature.

But since the wake of “Industrial Revolution”, all we have done is rapid industrialization for rapid economic development. Yes, we achieved a huge growth, our “standard of living” got boosted – but, all at the expense of our dear Earth. Our “mother” is kind enough to protect us even after these grave injustices. Now, as the fully grown up children of Mother Earth, we have to take the responsibility to protect our Mom and gift our future generation a clean, safe, sustainable environment to live.

Like the waves after waves of the sea compose a never ending harmonious and lively concert – we, the humans, stay connected with the vastness and evergreen energy of nature. Let’s stay connected and not lose the harmony.




“Alan, why are you still sitting idly? You have got your lessons to finish.” – yelled Jane, Alan’s mother. Alan was sitting by his study table but his mind was wandering somewhere else. He was sad inside. His parents always took good care of him, he studied in a well known school, he always scored very good ranks in school exam, he was good at swimming and drawing – in short, he never faced a situation where he didn’t get something he wanted. But still, today he was feeling empty. He was feeling as if jailed in a cage – spiked all over with “study”, “carrier”, “success”. His parents were always too concerned about his studies and extra curricular activities – and as a result, Alan felt suffocating at times. He had friends in school – but competition was there as well. So he always felt lonely.

So, Alan composed himself and started studying again. He tried to concentrate but failed again and again. Knowing it’s a failed attempt to study now, Alan rose and stood by the window. The clear blue sky seemed like a vast never ending ocean and the white soft clouds were like ships, sailing on a voyage in the quest for the unknown. Suddenly, a small cloud came down by the window and tapped on the window, indicating Alan to open it. Alan was so surprised that he just opened it without any word and kept staring at the small cloud, who seemed to be chuckling at Alan’s astonishment.

“Hey Alan, you want to come with us?” said the small cloud with a joyful voice. Alan was too surprised to talk. A cloud can come down!! And it can talk in a human language!! Good Heavens!! But Alan was really feeling good in it’s company. He had lots of friends in school, but this small cloud had such a cordiality in it’s voice, which mesmerized Alan and he felt it was his best friend.

“Who are you? Are you really a cloud? How can you talk like us?”, Alan had a bunch of queries obviously. “Yes, I am. We come here a lot my friend. So we have learnt your language.”, said the little cloud. “We are just returning in our home after a long trip. I just saw you by the window, standing sadly. We are very sad when we see someone sad. So I just came by to meet you. Would you like to go with us in our home?”, said the little cloud in an extremely sweet voice. “But… My Mom would worry about me, and my Dad will be angry.” – Alan sounded anxious. “Oh, no one will worry. Come with us, you will like it a lot. Quick, hurry up!! I am getting late.” – the little cloud held Alan’s hand, and soon both of them were floating side by side.

Alan was so happy to get outside. He was astonished to see so many clouds – some big guys, some lean and thin fellows, some small ones as well and so many more. The open sky welcomed Alan – “Hello my friend, hope you are feeling happy !!”. The other clouds greeted him cordially. The gentle breeze shook his hand cordially and gladly accompanied him. The Sun was smiling and guided the way towards the wonderland of clouds. The little cloud friend narrated lots of stories of their voyages, lots of new places they visited. Alan was surprised to know all those. He read so many books, but none of them showed him the world like this. Time flew away and Alan just forgot everything – his studies, his loneliness. He felt he was a free bird – he broke the lock of the cage and was flying along with the wind.

Suddenly, he felt the breeze became a bit violent. It felt like being shaken up. The little cloud was calling his name frequently – “Alan!! Alan!!”. Suddenly he came back to his senses. It was his mother, Jane, who was trying to wake him up. Alan realized he was sleeping on the study table and all he experienced was a dream. Jane was scolding him for sleeping at the time of studying, but Alan didn’t paid much attention to her. He was feeling happy. He was feeling an unquenchable thirst for adventure – quest for the unknown world around him. He decided that his aim was not to be tied in a cage of “normal life” – but to be a free bird, to sing freely and live freely. He was a bit sad that he couldn’t visit the world of clouds, but was sure of one thing – he will find the wonderland of clouds for sure.




It was a pleasant afternoon. Cool gentle breeze rustled through the branches of the trees and the ground was looking like a bed garlanded with flowers of different colours. Mary and her daughter Anne was walking along the path. Anne was away from home for a long time due to her study and finally came back after 5 years. Mary was very happy on Anne’s return but was not sure about her daughter’s state of mind. It seemed Anne was a bit aloof – it seemed something was bothering her.

Anne was thinking of something else. Her father passed away when she was away. She couldn’t stay at home more than 3 days at that time because of her project works. Mary had to deal with the loss all alone, but she never complained. Anne felt guilty inside for being away at a time when her mom needed her most. So when she came back home after finishing her studies, she wanted to make her mom happy from within.

So there they walked, side by side, silent throughout – a silence which only suits between the persons who know each other very intimately. After almost half an hour of walk – they both sat down on a bench.

“Anne, I am so glad that you have become such an educated woman now.”, said Mary, breaking the silence.

“Yes, Mom. That’s all because of the efforts by you and Dad.”, replied Anne, in a melancholy tone.

“Anne you could do it because of your efforts. Your Dad would have said the same thing if he was here today.” – Mary put her hand on Anne’s shoulder.

“Mom… I have to go away again. I have got a job – and I have found someone special there as well.”, Anne told with a lot of hesitation. Lots of feelings was going on within her.

Mary was shocked. She had no idea of all these. Suddenly it occurred to her that may be her daughter has been not so attached with her anymore as she used to be once. She never hid anything from her mom. But now she took all her decisions herself without even informing her once. “Perhaps it is normal, after all she is not the young girl anymore.” – thought Mary. While a lot of thoughts was going on within her mind, Anne handed her a small box.

“What’s inside?”, asked Mary in surprise.

“Open it Mom.”, Anne gave a mysterious but joyful chuckle.

Mary opened the box. Inside there was a ribbon. Suddenly Mary remembered something. It used to be the “lucky ribbon” to Anne which was given to her by Mary when Anne was a mere child. The fact that Anne has still kept that ribbon with so much care moistened her eyes. She couldn’t utter anything for some time. She realized even after years of separation, her daughter was same as before.

Anne hugged her mom tightly and the time passed, as emotions flowed and the mother – daughter bond became even stronger. After a long silent hug, Anne handed Mary two tickets. “I have remained separated from you for long Mom. I don’t want to leave you alone anymore. So you are coming with me forever now. And of course, I will introduce you to my special one very soon.” – said Anne. The mother daughter duo chuckled at each other joyfully and birds were heard chirping merrily like ever.


Opaque Truth


What is an “opaque” object? The answer is simple – which is not transparent. An “opaque” statement is something which can’t be understood. Opacity points to the fact the “truth” is under cover. But how can “truth” itself be “opaque”?

To get an answer to that, Let’s see what actually “truth” is. “Truth” is the fact that is proven true. Now how can this be proven? On the basis of facts or beliefs. Truth can be of two types – universal and perceived. Universal truths are proven beyond controversy and can’t be wrong in any case – e.g. “The Earth revolves around the Sun”. Till date, this statement can’t be challenged.

In case of perceived truth, the basis is the common beliefs. The problem is – beliefs vary. Let’s consider a very common example. An atheist believes there is nothing called “God” and he believes this is the “truth” – based on the beliefs and perceptions he have. On the other hand, a believer believes in the existence of “God” and he has got his own set of logic as well. In this case no one is lying – both are true in their own ground. So what’s the “truth” here? This is where the common perspective of truth gets hit – the “truth” becomes opaque. This can even be correct for “scientific truths” as well, because many theories in science can’t be proven undoubtedly till date. If something new comes up, may be science will have to be written again and today’s “truth” will be proven wrong tomorrow. This has happened previously (think of Einstein’s paper on General and Specific Theory of Relativity) and can happen anytime – again.

Think in our own life. You made a decision yesterday, on the basis of some facts which you perceived to be “true”, and they were “true” at that time. Now, today when you look back, you feel your decision was wrong, because that “truth” is not true in today’s perspective. Now you think – was the yesterday’s decision based on a lie? The answer is – No, because that was “true” then, may be not now.

This is how the definition of “truth”, what we all read from childhood, changes when it’s applied in real life scenarios. There is always a grey area between the transition of black and white. “Truth” sometimes resembles the “grey” zone – an unknown opaque reality.