My Elixir of life : Quest for the unknown

Most of us are slaves to the regular work life of ours – things we do for our living is not always exciting or meaningful to what our life really needs. Now, can there really be an elixir – a magical potion to make your life free from all these regular, mundane, rhetorical activities?
I believe – YES. The only thing is you have to find it. May be in a strict scientific explanation, elixir can’t really exist, but humans are not as robotic as science is.

My elixir of life is – travelling and quest for the unknown. Exploring new places, finding new people, getting lost in the nature – these rejuvenates my life and I feel I am born again. It’s a magical boost to me, my conscious and humans’ inherent urge of knowing the unknown.

What’s your elixir? Find it today to make your life meaningful.


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