Territory : Is it real or a perception?



Michael and Anne first came to know each other through social networking site. They conversed and felt attracted towards each other and finally planned to go in a date. But their experience wasn’t good at all, as none of them felt comfortable with each other. So the relationship ended.

Now the question comes – Why did this happen?

The answer lies in the difference between perception or belief and reality. Michael and Anne both developed an image of each other in their mind, on the basis of their virtual world relation. But when they saw the real, the actual image of each other, they realized that their perceived reality was far away from the actual reality.

This phenomena was described by Alfred Korzybski, who coined the phrase “Map and Territory”. In simple terms, just like the map of a country doesn’t give us the knowledge about the country, the perceived reality – which is imbibed in us by our parents, society etc. doesn’t match with the actual experience of our real world. With our age and experience in different fields, we are able to align these two factors more closely, which makes it easier for us to strike a balance between these two.

Map and territory, which one is real then? The answer is both. One is partially real, built up by perception – and the the other is the practical world we face everyday.

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8 thoughts on “Territory : Is it real or a perception?

  1. Thanks for your appreciation.
    We all want our wishes to become true, but sadly most of the time our hopes and dreams are dashed..
    Dreams are like waves of the sea, that gets broken when it hits the shore..:)


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