Fortune or Fate : What decides Destiny?


“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
Gautama Buddha

What is fortune? The answer is – it’s an arbitrary chance or luck which may work in favour or against us. So, does that mean – these “chances” shapes our ultimate reaching point, our destiny? If that is so, then why we say our destiny is predetermined by our fate?

Does fortune exist, or can it really exist? Science and logic says no – nothing can depend on chance. But beyond science, if we go purely by realization, everyone has experienced at some point of time that the events that are happening in his or her life can’t be explained by logic.

Does that mean fortune is the one who is the determiner of our ultimate destiny? No, not alone. We can’t achieve something purely on luck. What we need is 99% of hard work, passion to achieve our goal and dreams that doesn’t let us sleep. And the rest 1%? We need the fortune.

So what happens to “fate”? Why bear the hardships if its all pre-written? The answer is – fate is a negative concept which deters us to work. Our frustrations give birth to the concept of fate. The day we start relying on fate, it becomes the last day of our “life” in true sense.

So, “fortune” is not the decider of our “fate”, it helps us to achieve our destiny. We can write our destiny, with the help of a little bit of fortune.

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12 thoughts on “Fortune or Fate : What decides Destiny?

  1. I wish I could give this post a 1000 likes! Couldn’t put it any better than that. We can’t only rely on science or fortune. In the end we need to pave our own way if we want to achieve our goals and dreams. Cheers!

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