A passport to life

The Road Home

“Mom, I am getting late. Please get me my socks.” – I yelled. Today was a very joyous day for me, as this was the first time I was going abroad with my friends in a trip. All of my friends were waiting for me and getting late is not normally in my habit. So, when my mom was taking time to find my socks, I was irritated.

“What Mom, you made me late. Okay bye.” – I rushed to the door and almost ran to get a cab for the airport, didn’t even looked back. My friends were annoyed as I reached 30 mins late. Suddenly something came into my mind, which froze me for some seconds. I forgot my passport !! My goodness !! And my mom didn’t even remind me once !!

I was furious. Got to make home within 30 mins at most to get my passport and this may even lead to miss my flight !! Darn !!. I jumped in a cab double quick and began racing in my mind even faster than the car.

Then something came to my mind – why didn’t my mom reminded me? I remembered I didn’t look back when I left. Back there, my mom was standing, alone, waiting for my goodbye. Did I ever think what she would face in the empty house? How could I forget the fact that she never left me alone? That she sacrificed all her happiness for me? And what have I given to her? Waves of thoughts, memories came one after the other, hitting my mind, and I became even more impatient – now to reach home and see my mom.

When I reached, I just ran without thinking. My mom was standing at the door. “I am so sorry, I forgot to remind you about the passport.”, said mom, in an anxious tone, hiding the sadness as far as possible. I threw my bag away and replied, “I don’t need it anymore mom.”

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17 thoughts on “A passport to life

  1. Thanks Sue.. I really love my mom.
    This is actually is an imagination only. But once I was really thinking of going out with friends, but later rejected the idea, because I didn’t want to leave mom alone.

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  2. I did wonder about that. Don’t give up on personal freedom that’s important and I’m sure if your mother knew you were worried about her she’d tell you to go and enjoy your time with friends.

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  3. Yes Sue.. I know, but still I feel bad leaving my mom alone. I go with my friends, but never for long. I try to balance as far as possible.


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