Dreams : Imagination or Reality?


Dream – whenever we hear the word, trains of thoughts run through our minds. Some of them are joyous, some painful, some serene or some mystic. What is dream? An illusion? A distorted reality? An unfulfilled wish? Or something related to previous birth experiences?

According to researchers, the reason of dreaming is still unclear. It can be related to everyday life’s uncomfortable experience or an imagination. But can dreams really be formed by reality only or a it’s a weird imagination? Our brain is something which is hardly understood by the scientists. Our mind is controlled by our brain. So, it can’t be purely imagination, as our brain processes only what we see and realize.

It is something in between reality and imagination. Something we want in our subconscious mind, something we fear or something we are trying to avoid. If we can analyze our dreams, we can get some signals – some sort of message which our brain is providing what we don’t understand in our conscious state. Yes, it’s an illusion but related to reality.

Some experiences say that the repeated dreams indicate to past life experiences. It is even said that an organ transplant may also lead to experiencing events which has something related to the experiences of the donor. This concept is known as “cell memory” and is still a much debated issue. But, we are human beings and have a natural instinct towards mysticism and it’s true that science can’t explain everything. So this is a possibility too.

So, what do we do when we dream? Do we fear it, as it’s a message of unknown? No – we try to get the message, face the challenges, overcome the fear, and achieve our destiny. Dreams, which we see while sleeping, can’t be the decider of our destiny. Dreams which doesn’t let us sleep, dreams which drive our passion towards the goal – those should be our concern.

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”
George Bernard Shaw


9 thoughts on “Dreams : Imagination or Reality?

  1. Really? I will visit your blog to find it..
    I had some odd one’s as well.. oddest of them was a 2 stage dream – somewhat like “Inception”.. That surprised me a lot 🙂


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