Later : Too late?


Lazy persons like me know the significance of this word very well. Whenever my mom asks me to organize my totally messed up study table, or to clean the car or anything else, my first response is inevitably – “Not now, later mom”. But can this simple, harmless word “later” become significant in life?

Yes, it can. It can affect the life of an individual, maybe not physically, but mentally. It seems strange, but it happens in everyday life, and we have to face the consequences – sometimes for the whole life.

You fell in love with someone. You approached her, made friends with her. She liked you, at least apparently. But you never told her about your feelings, fearing consequences and wanted to be sure before approach. One fine morning, she gets engaged with your friend and you stay dumb – because you thought you will tell her “later”.

Your mom or dad is facing some problems in family life. They finally get separated and without your permission you are deprived of one of your parents’ love. You don’t know the reasons as you were too small to understand anything. You can’t ask your mom or dad with whom you are, as he or she will get hurt. One day you realize, there’s no one whom you can ask anymore, because you thought you will ask “later”.

There can be thousands of examples like this, which we face in everyday life. “Later” sometimes deters our steps and we become too late and the damage becomes irreversible. So, don’t say “later” – so that you regret for that later.

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

William Shakespeare



7 thoughts on “Later : Too late?

  1. That is the universal reply of all kids to Mums when asked to do something. That, or ” in a minute Mum” or “just about to” which are my boys’ favourite response.
    And you are so right; never put off until tomorrow what you can do today! πŸ˜ƒ

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