Cusp : On the verge of change


Fred was busy with his guitar in the morning when his father came in his room. “Morning Dad. I am trying to compose a new tune, wanna hear Dad?”, asked Fred with great enthusiasm. “Son, leave these crazy things. I don’t want to scold you in the morning. So get rid of these stupid ideas and join us in the breakfast table. You are going to my office from today. You need to know the details of my business affairs.”, ordered his father, in a strict tone. “But Dad, I…” – “I don’t want to hear anything else. You are coming with me. Or I will not consider you as my son. You are unable to do the minimal duty to your father.” – his father darted away from the room, leaving Fred in a dilemma.

This was a regular issue of conflict between Fred and his father. Fred’s father William was the owner of a big apparel store and Fred was his only child. He wanted his son to study business management and share the load of work. But Fred was not good in studies, his passion was music. He played the guitar really well and had a velvet voice. Be it any community program or college fest, Fred was the show stopper. William tried a lot to end Fred’s passion of music – he scolded him, punished him, threw away his guitar – but nothing worked. William was sad, as he wanted his son to take over quickly because William’s health was failing.

Fred started a band with three of his friends just a few days back and his first show was scheduled on this afternoon. So this diktat of William left him in a great dilemma. He lost his Mom in his childhood. He knew his father was ill, but he simply couldn’t leave music. Music was his soul, his existence. On the other hand, he loved his father a lot. His heart bled seeing his father in pain. He fought with his father a lot on this issue. But it seemed that this was the time of a final decision.

Fred thought and thought, but no ray of hope was there. He was on the cusp of his life – he had two choices, both required serious compromise. Finally he rose and went to his father. “Dad, I can’t leave music. I am sorry. I am not a good son. I am unable to perform my duty. But Dad, I love you and will always love you.” – told Fred, hiding his tears with a great difficulty – and then left his home, to a journey towards unknown future. He was extremely sad to leave his father, he was confused about what he was doing. Was it right or wrong? He had no idea. But he was sure of no turning back and deal with the bumpy road ahead.



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