A Champion in Life


I am not a champion.

I was never a brilliant student. I never stood first in my school exams. I never got the finest grades in college. I remained an average student with an average grade and never got into the “elite club” of toppers.

I am not a champion.

I was not in the “hall of fame” of my college. I never got loved by someone as I was introvert, shy. So I never got the special status in the gang of my friends.

I am not a champion.

I struggled a lot to find a suitable job. Lots of my friends got nice jobs with fat pay package and traveled abroad. I never could get a “high status” in my friend circle and always got neglected.

So, does this mean I can never be a champion? Am I a failure?

Commonly yes. But in reality, NEVER. Just being a brilliant student, getting a fat paycheck in your dream job, marrying a beautiful woman or a handsome gentleman and settling down in a happy life doesn’t make your life worthwhile as a human being. Unless you return a favor to your society, fellow human beings in need – your life is nothing much different from your pet, in terms of usefulness. You are a human – this is where you are different from others. If your heart cries when you see a homeless person shivering in cold, if you become angry when you see malnourished children crying for food – and you try to help them out, as far as you can – you become a true human being. Even if you can help one person in need, the satisfaction you get is far more than all your materialistic gains – and then, you become a true champion, a champion in life.

Become a champion in life, by conquering the enemy within.

Master Jin Kwon



6 thoughts on “A Champion in Life

  1. Another great post! Yes, compassion is what makes us human but society glorifies the path of fame. However, is it as glorious when we’re there? I think there’s no glory without passion!

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  2. Glory is defined by society yes.. But it’s not glory that really matters to a person in reality.. You do something good, society will glorify you, but you find satisfaction in your work – whether society glorify you or not.

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