Once again like everyday, I was talking with my inner conscious (I name it X) –

  • X, I saw something today which is rattling my mind continuously.
  • What’s that Nemo?
  • I saw a young woman crying her heart out. Her husband died in an accident. The man was young, at mid 30’s only. Hearing that news, his father also suffered from a fatal heart attack. I went to her, tried my best to heal her wound, but nothing worked. X, is this what our life is meant for? Is this justice?
  • I am not the Almighty Nemo, I can’t decide what is right or wrong.
  • Was it necessary to happen? This death?
  • Death is an inevitable part of your life cycle. Can you find any house where death has never entered?
  • No…. I think X, of all the wounds we experience in life, “death” is the one who creates the biggest wound in life, which can never be healed.
  • Nemo, there is no wound which can’t be healed.
  • What do you mean?! This is ridiculous.
  • Think about it Nemo. Your grandma, who looked after you since the day you were born, died just 3 months back.
  • Don’t remind me that….
  • Aren’t you moving on Nemo?
  • Yes I am.. But what else can I do? But that doesn’t mean my wound is healed.
  • No, it isn’t now. But you need time. Time can heal every wound. Whether it’s a heart break or a loss of life – all you need is time. And the same thing is true for the woman as well.
  • X.. You are comforting me.
  • No I am not. You can’t understand now. But after 10 years, all you will have are memories. Good memories or bad memories. But the wound, it will heal. Every person experiences this. The faster you can move on, the faster becomes the healing process.
  • You mean to say people forget things quickly?
  • …….
  • X? Answer me…
  • No Nemo. Everyone has to move on if he wants to live. The day he stops, he dies. This is a journey. Just like journeys have good and bad experiences, life has too. You have to adjust with situations, however painful it is. It’s like a wheel, good and bad comes cyclically. You have to accept both in the same temperament. It is not a sin to move on. This is just a part of life.


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