Clinging to the Impossible


I am not a very patient person. Whenever I start doing any work, I tend to finish it fast, mostly because I don’t have that long standing patience to work on and on.

Just a while back, I was repairing my laptop, and that’s why I am posting late today. One of the hinges was broken twice in 6 months and I decided to fix it myself today. This was my first ever experience in this stuff. I must say it is a lengthy process – you need to de-assemble the whole system and then again reassemble it and very importantly, you need to go through lots of steps in exact sequence. One mistake, and you are going to de assemble again.

It took almost 5 hours for me to finish off the whole thing. Then I thought, I am not so patient to do this kind of long work – but how did I do this – alone? Then something came into my mind. It’s the tenacity!! I kept on clinging to the work and never left it until it was successful. Just today I found out that I am actually a tenacious person indeed!!

But patience? Yes, that I figured out too – I had to de-assemble 3 times in between, because I forgot something or the other during the process!! This pointed to me that how my quality of tenacity got damaged to some extent due to my impatient character.

So what do we need then? A combination of tenacity – to cling onto a work, however impossible it is, until it’s over, and patience – to observe the minute details and hold composure during the process. A person who possess these two qualities – he has got the ability to cling to commonly impossible goals and reach the finishing line in style as well.



9 thoughts on “Clinging to the Impossible

  1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Maitreyi.. โ˜บ
    It’s really effective to convey the message through real life incidents.. That’s why I always write what I believe and what I experience โ˜บ

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