Being Blind


I am blind. I can’t see. But wait!! I can see the blooming flowers smiling in delight, the river water sparkling in moonlight. Then why am I blind? What am I missing?

I am blind because I want to ignore something. It’s the truth. I want to hide from truth. I don’t want to face the bitter truth. Why? Because I fear.

Why do I fear? From whom am I afraid? I fear because I am afraid to face the consequences. I am afraid of society, that it might turn against me for supporting something “unnatural”. I am afraid of religion, that it might hurt the age old “beliefs” and “practices”. I am afraid of myself, that going against the “rule” may tamper my image.

So I choose to become “blind”. I prefer to stay “safe”. I support the “normalcy”, shout for the “truth” and come back in my sweet little home, thinking – “Who cares?”



16 thoughts on “Being Blind

  1. Precise and powerful posts are bomb! It’s just that although when taking society as a whole people want to be a part of it but when it effects them as an individual they turn blind to it.. I don’t know if that made sense!

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  2. Yes of course.. People are in general very selfish and somewhat “peace loving” by nature.. We will shout “justice” but when things go against us, all protest just vanishes.

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