Last week was a busy one for me. Lots of works were to be finished within the deadline. On Saturday night, after I finally got time to relax, I slept off early and saw a strange dream. I saw I am inside a big clock. The hands of the clock, the gears within were as big as me. I was wondering how I came inside such a big clock and how on earth this big clock came into existence – just then, I saw someone standing near one of the gear control box. I approached the unknown person and the conversation started –

  • Who are you?
  • You don’t know me Nemo?
  • Do I?
  • I suppose so. I am Time.
  • What?!…. And I am in a clock – why?
  • Because I wanted you to be here. This is where I belong – in your perspective.
  • I am lost.
  • Yes you are. You are lost in me now.
  • Meaning? I am not in the clock?
  • No. This is your perception that you are in an absolute frame. You are not.
  • So what I see, is not real?
  • It is. But not absolute. It’s relative. I am the only one who is absolute.
  • Umm… It’s complicated.
  • There is nothing which can stay forever. Everything is perishable. This means all things you see in real life will phase out at some point of time. The only one who remains eternal is Me – Time. I am the controller of the universe.
  • I can understand you now. But Time, why don’t you favour me a little bit?
  • What favour?
  • I am always unlucky in getting hold of timely opportunities. Can you stop me for a moment to let me get hold of at least one good opportunity?
  • Nemo, you make me laugh. I never stop for anyone – not even for the most powerful person on your Earth.
  • Then how can I get hold of these opportunities? Maybe they are perishable, but for sustaining my perishable life – those are needed.
  • Nemo, I am kind enough to offer you them. You have to get hold of them on perfect time. Don’t wait too much and don’t jump early. You are impatient. Be patient. But now, I can’t talk with you anymore. I have to go now.
  • One more question – please.
  • You are annoying at times. Say it.
  • Will I see you again? I want to know more from you.
  • Your inner soul is in connection with the eternal energy of the universe. When you feel real urge to know something, call from within, you will get answers from within. After the end of your term in Earth, we meet again – in eternity.

With this, the dream ended. I woke up exactly during dawn. Was it a dream really? It seemed to be coming from within. Who knows?



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