Measure : For Everything?


“Measure” – so common word in our everyday lives, isn’t it? We measure everything all the time, right from the starting of our day. We measure the amount of bread and butter we take for breakfast. We take measures for creating our new garden space. We measure our journey time while planning for a long drive.

We measure the amount of money required to buy our monthly groceries and staples. We minutely consider our cost-benefit analysis while measuring the amount of money to be set aside to buy a new car or a new house. In short, we measure, or try to measure almost every tangible assets of ours.

But, the problem begins when we start measuring the intangible assets. We try to measure happiness, comparing with the amount of money in possession. We feel jealous at others happiness and want to buy more happiness by buying more exquisite items. Sometimes, sadly enough, we consider love also as a commodity. Our integrity, our self respect, our moral values get compromised. It’s not that money is the culprit every time, but for most of the cases, economic issues get involved in deep roots.

Why measure intangible assets? You can never really know what love is until you feel it. You can’t experience the true happiness until you have peace of mind. The value of your integrity, self respect comes from the solidarity and honesty of your soul. There is no materialistic unit in this world – be it money or anything else, with the help of which you measure or compare these assets. No market in this world or universe sells these invaluable assets of our lives.

These intangible assets of the world are the blessings for a lovely life. Let’s not pollute it with our “sins”.



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