Little Cranky Fellow


Today’s daily prompt is something pretty unusual and funny. I must say I was not very sure about the use of this word – I had to look up in the dictionary. What I found is that “cranky” is used for them who gets on their nerves quite easier than others. In short, ill-tempered. This reminded me of an incident during my schooldays.

This happened during my 10th standard in school. In school, I was known as a quiet, studious student in teachers’ room. But my friends and classmates knew that I was a tough person to deal with. The reason was my short temper. I was usually very nice to all my classmates, but when someone irritated me on some issues or just for the sake of irritating me – the result was a fight. One day, I was sitting in the classroom in recess hours with some of my friends. One of my classmates came towards me and started talking with me on an unfinished argument we had last day. Talking changed its course to argument. I tried to be calm, but the lion inside me was roaring angrily – and that led to a scuffle. I smacked a powerful punch and result was a bleeding nose of my classmate. Counter attack effort was there, but me being more powerful, things didn’t work for the poor fellow. The poor fellow got absent for 2 days. Frankly, after my anger subsided, I was sorry for what I did at that moment.

Now, I am old enough to understand what is right or wrong, good or bad, justice or injustice (or, am I?). I don’t get triggered off so easily now. I have become more composed, more rational. But frankly, that cranky fellow inside me is still there. Whenever there is a situation which is not in favor of mine, the cranky fellow becomes grumpy. I am still in process of controlling the temper of my inner lion (I am a Leo) – but I wonder whether I will succeed.



12 thoughts on “Little Cranky Fellow

  1. Hahaha.. Really, its difficult for us to control the hurt lion. But maybe it’s not a curse, because sometimes this lion’s courage saves us as well πŸ˜€

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  2. Right!? So hard to control! I feel like mine has gotten me into more trouble than good hahaha, but I definitely am more willing to take risks and go on adventures and whatnot. Maybe also part of the package as a Leo πŸ™‚

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  3. Right exactly… Our lion is sometimes really uncontrollable.. But sometimes it drives us to real courageous adventures !! I love my Lion.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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