The Inner Jolt


Yesterday was a pretty hectic schedule for me. I had to get up early and finish some cleaning and then we went in a family outing. We got back home pretty late and were very tired. I just took off my shoes and jumped on the sofa and closed my eyes. In the state of half asleep, a voice inside me started talking….

  • Nemo…. Why, you are asleep! Hey!!
  • Holy shit !! It’s you again X?! Why you scare me every time!
  • Sorry about that Nemo.. But I prefer to talk with you when you are alone and your conscious is asleep.
  • I don’t think my conscious is asleep or how could I talk to you?
  • Your sub-conscious is talking with me. To wake up, you need a jolt.
  • I don’t want to wake up X. I am rather in peace within my subconscious. Whenever I become conscious in reality, the agonies and pains of real life make me suffer.
  • That’s you problem Nemo. You want to remain asleep. You want to avoid the reality. Do you think you can survive like this?
  • Why not? I know the sufferings of real world X. I choose to make my own world. I don’t need jolt as I am already aware what I am doing.
  • No you aren’t. You can’t survive in a glass house when the outside world is pelting stones at each other. You have to wake up. You have to make your way through all the ups and downs – and sail through the rough waves of the sea. Else, you are a loser and nothing else.
  • You are challenging me X.
  • Yes I am Nemo. Beacuse I know the most effective way of giving you a jolt is hurting your pride. You will rise only when you are challenged and told that you can’t do it.
  • I’m afraid you are true. You have hit me on the right spot.
  • Nemo, remember one thing. You are not doing this only for you, you are fighting for others who can’t stand against the storm. You are the one upon whom they depend. Try to defend them. You are a true lion only when you fight.
  • Yes…. I guess the jolt has done it’s work X….
  • …….
  • X?
  • You don’t need me now. It’s time to work. I will come again when you need another jolt.



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