It was a pleasant afternoon. Cool gentle breeze rustled through the branches of the trees and the ground was looking like a bed garlanded with flowers of different colours. Mary and her daughter Anne was walking along the path. Anne was away from home for a long time due to her study and finally came back after 5 years. Mary was very happy on Anne’s return but was not sure about her daughter’s state of mind. It seemed Anne was a bit aloof – it seemed something was bothering her.

Anne was thinking of something else. Her father passed away when she was away. She couldn’t stay at home more than 3 days at that time because of her project works. Mary had to deal with the loss all alone, but she never complained. Anne felt guilty inside for being away at a time when her mom needed her most. So when she came back home after finishing her studies, she wanted to make her mom happy from within.

So there they walked, side by side, silent throughout – a silence which only suits between the persons who know each other very intimately. After almost half an hour of walk – they both sat down on a bench.

“Anne, I am so glad that you have become such an educated woman now.”, said Mary, breaking the silence.

“Yes, Mom. That’s all because of the efforts by you and Dad.”, replied Anne, in a melancholy tone.

“Anne you could do it because of your efforts. Your Dad would have said the same thing if he was here today.” – Mary put her hand on Anne’s shoulder.

“Mom… I have to go away again. I have got a job – and I have found someone special there as well.”, Anne told with a lot of hesitation. Lots of feelings was going on within her.

Mary was shocked. She had no idea of all these. Suddenly it occurred to her that may be her daughter has been not so attached with her anymore as she used to be once. She never hid anything from her mom. But now she took all her decisions herself without even informing her once. “Perhaps it is normal, after all she is not the young girl anymore.” – thought Mary. While a lot of thoughts was going on within her mind, Anne handed her a small box.

“What’s inside?”, asked Mary in surprise.

“Open it Mom.”, Anne gave a mysterious but joyful chuckle.

Mary opened the box. Inside there was a ribbon. Suddenly Mary remembered something. It used to be the “lucky ribbon” to Anne which was given to her by Mary when Anne was a mere child. The fact that Anne has still kept that ribbon with so much care moistened her eyes. She couldn’t utter anything for some time. She realized even after years of separation, her daughter was same as before.

Anne hugged her mom tightly and the time passed, as emotions flowed and the mother – daughter bond became even stronger. After a long silent hug, Anne handed Mary two tickets. “I have remained separated from you for long Mom. I don’t want to leave you alone anymore. So you are coming with me forever now. And of course, I will introduce you to my special one very soon.” – said Anne. The mother daughter duo chuckled at each other joyfully and birds were heard chirping merrily like ever.



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