Perfect Harmony

Waves of Harmony

When I saw today’s daily prompt, I thought I won’t write any thoughtful or imaginative essay or story today. This is because today is “Earth Day”Β and I took this occasion to share a picture taken by me a year back.

Nature is our mother. All that we have understood, discovered and invented throughout all these years of scientific developments – are undoubtedly the gifts of our mother nature.

But since the wake of “Industrial Revolution”, all we have done is rapid industrialization for rapid economic development. Yes, we achieved a huge growth, our “standard of living” got boosted – but, all at the expense of our dear Earth. Our “mother” is kind enough to protect us even after these grave injustices. Now, as the fully grown up children of Mother Earth, we have to take the responsibility to protect our Mom and gift our future generation a clean, safe, sustainable environment to live.

Like the waves after waves of the sea compose a never ending harmonious and lively concert – we, the humans, stay connected with the vastness and evergreen energy of nature. Let’s stay connected and not lose the harmony.



23 thoughts on “Perfect Harmony

  1. I concur, our oceans are in bad shape. Corrosion in the deep sea, causing warming.They talk as if this is not happening, and no scientific proof. Just look at decayed results, poachers and spills killing our environment.

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  2. I saw this short Youtube clip a couple of months ago, where Mother Nature is given a voice and basically tells us we are a tiny page in her history and should take more pride in taking care of her. Have you seen it? I truly recommend it:

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  3. True.. Very true.. We are trying to avoid the truth only, but this is only increasing the damage. The ocean life is severely affected. The coral bleaching in Great Barrier Reef shows the horrible effects..
    Same goes for land as well. IUCN Red list is only increasing day by day. Amazon rainforest depleting. It’s really sad to see.

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  4. Agreed. If you’d care to have a look, I think the Glaciers in Retreat I posted about for the Weekly Photo Challenge “Earth” also shows we should be doing a better job at caring for Earth.

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  5. That’s weird. Well what I do is, I just copy the pingback link and paste it in HTML view of my post. Direct clicking from reader view doesn’t work for me. I think you may try this.

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  6. Hi Nemo,
    I love your photo of the light shining on the water. I am always trying to improve my blog photography. I know Matt (Seeds of Life) who I see here.
    I met you in the Community Pool where you indicated you are a new blogger. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. I also host 10 blogging events each month where you could meet new readers. Congratulations on starting your blog recently.

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  7. Hi Nemo!
    Great to see you here! Exciting! If you take just a moment to sign up for, you’ll receive invitations to all 10 blogging events. Thanks for your reply!

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