The first thought that came into my mind after seeing today’s daily prompt was about my hobbies. Two things are complementary to my life – music and books – and very coincidentally, today is “World Book Day” !!

I am an avid listener of music and a voracious reader of books. About books if you ask, I prefer to read more of classic literature and of course historical books with proper references. Writings of Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne and most importantly, Leo Tolstoy inspire me a lot. Sometimes I feel alone and probably that’s why I actually started to write blog, because I don’t prefer writing in social media and count likes from my friends. You know I like to imagine a lot. Some of these imaginations are based on life’s hard and realistic lessons (practically I am a realist, somewhat optimist but not fully), and some totally depicts a new, dream world of ever lasting joy and happiness (am I an escapist? No, but I like to dream). I guess you already know these from my posts !!

History is one of my favorite subjects and currently the book I am reading is William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”. I must say that the analytical and liberal mindset I have developed today is significantly due to the repeated analysis of every events from numerous points of views – and not just blindly supporting the “common” belief.

I saved music for the last because this is something without which there is no moment of my life. And again my preference is classical music. Let me tell you, I have no formal training of music but my grandpa was a very learned man and he bought a lot of those grand, old vinyl records from different sources. Later my mom and my maternal uncle bought a lot more – of different categories. The musical culture at our home has imbibed classical music in our heart and soul. Sadly I never saw my grandpa and I feel I lost a great opportunity. Of famous Western classical composers – Mozart, Beethoven, Holst, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and many more are in my favorites list.

Just now I was listening to one of my favorites of Holst – “Neptune, the Mystic”. May be I prefer mysticism more as I always love the quest for the unknown !! If you are a regular listener of classical music, I am sure you must have heard this. But I would like to share this for everyone. I prefer to listen this while alone. I am sorry I couldn’t upload from my laptop as it’s not supported in free version of WordPress.

G. Holst – The planets Op. 32 – Neptune, the Mystic – Berliner Philharm. – H. von Karajan

What’s that in your life for which you can use the word “avid” appropriately? What are your favorite books, writers and composition? Do share your views..


6 thoughts on “Just Some Thoughts

  1. Nice read, Nemo!
    Favorite books/authors : Mahabharata (an Indian epic), Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Cosmos by Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, many more books…the list is quite long.
    Favorite music : Swati Thirunal composition (Indian classical) , Bollywood, kpop (currently BTS).

    Happy Blogging!
    -Surya 😊

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  2. That’s great !! Yes for me also, the list is never ending. And yes, Indian Classical is my favorite too. Our vinyl records has got lots of collection of Hindustani classical.
    Happy blogging, reading and listening 😀😀

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  3. I listened to you link earlier Nemo, it was lovely. Have only just remembered that I forgot to come back and comment!
    I’m not sure I have a favourite of anything. I enjoy a wide selection of music and books all depending on the mood of the day. This week it’s non-stop Elvis and I’m driving everyone mad! Next week I will have moved on to something entirely different.As always I enjoyed your post, keep on writing please.

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  4. This is true for me too. In terms of music – I listen Classical to Folk, Pop and a lot others. Depending on the mood, I select songs or pieces for the day. But yes, I’m mostly tilted towards Classics.
    Glad to know that you liked it Sue 😀

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