Just Wandering #1

First of all let me apologise to all my readers for posting irregularly. I am currently on a very short vacation, just for relaxing and gathering some fresh air in my lungs :mrgreen:

Frankly, I planned this trip in some 24 hours time and just went out – kicking out my regular mundane routine :mrgreen:

I am sharing some of my yesterday’s clicks here. Due to very cloudy weather, pictures are not very prominent. I will share more if I get good pictures today and tomorrow.

Bonded Childhood
Endless Eternity

Keep travelling !!


21 thoughts on “Just Wandering #1

  1. Thanks a lot Sue.. I am currently walking on the beach but it’s again cloudy 😒
    I will try to get the picture of sunrise tomorrow.. Sunrise is famous here but cloud is spoiling everything.


  2. Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention..
    This is Puri, in Odisha, India.
    In my opinion it is one of the best beaches in India. The sea here is very lively – unlike other beaches where sea is mostly calm and restful.

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  3. Oh yes it is … There is something or the other for everyone.. If you love sea, you have beaches.. If you love birds, you have world famous wetlands and sanctuaries. If you love architecture and history, Rock edicts and 1000 years old temples with exquisite carvings are there 😊

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