Just Wandering #2

So I am at the end of my vacation today. For last two days, I was trying to get some good shots but the cloudy weather messed up everything. Still I did try to take some pictures and I am sharing them with you :mrgreen:

Glimmering Out of Darkness
Let There Be Light
Endless (A long shot from above)

These are all I could get in this trip. In my next trip, I will share more. In the mean time I will try to share photos from my archives.

Keep travelling :mrgreen:



15 thoughts on “Just Wandering #2

  1. Bunch of thanks Chaos πŸ’
    Frankly I was seating on the beach while writing the post – and the captions came automatically. I always prefer strong captions with a dramatic flavour 😊 And I guess the circumstances influence it a lot. I doubt whether I could have written this at home 😊

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  2. Um…Strangely I just approved your comment in the Just Wandering #1 but it somehow disappeared!!. I am really surprised!! 😦
    Please post your comment again πŸ™‚

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  3. Haha.. really I was surprised to see how those landed up in spam!!
    Glad to know that you liked it. I got really unlucky.. That much cloud and a low tide whenever I got to beach.


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