Have you ever seen a yarn of cotton being prepared? In simple terms, a cotton ball is spun around a spindle in the spinning wheel and as a result, the disintegrated cotton gives birth of the yarn of thread. Weaving these threads in a power loom or hand loom gives us clothes.

What do we do in life? We are born like a cotton ball – clean, pure and formless. Our parents, our society, our education shapes us, builds us. Then we begin to weave our lives with all the threads we got in the beginning. After being used extensively, our weaved lives worn out finally one day and we disintegrate again.

But what do we do in the whole life? Collecting bits and pieces of everything we encounter – money, wealth, relations, memories and so much more. We keep on winding our yarns of life for the whole life – without thinking, why we are doing it. We cling to our materialistic possessions, our worldly possessions – that’s why we remain unhappy. We try to find happiness in vein – because happiness comes in destruction and then building again. Have you ever seen a little child playing? How it plays with its new toys, throws them only to break those toys and laughs with its heart out? Why? Because this is a game to the child – it breaks everything just to start afresh.

Why can’t we break the barriers, throw the old, rusty belongings, and start a new journey – just for the sake of us?



14 thoughts on “Winding it Up

  1. Actually this I thought when I first read a poem of Rabindranath Tagore. It was meant for children but the underlying meaning was extremely philosophical. The summary is until and unless you can destroy your beloved possessions you don’t know to live. Frankly, to me also the concept is very vague.
    And glad that you liked it !! 😊


  2. Thanks a lot !! 😊😊
    When I first saw the prompt, this is the first thing that came to my mind. I was not sure whether I could express the whole thing clearly.
    I am so glad that you liked it !! 😊😊😊

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  3. 😁😁 I am glad that you liked it so much. I just kept on writing on the flow and frankly after ending it I thought I haven’t written well. I was going to discard it and then thought of posting it anyway. 😊

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  4. I mean it’s normal that sometimes we doubt the quality of our texts but I think the world won’t go down if we press the publish button. And we might be in for a suprise! (In most cases it really is a suprise) Don’t worry too much about the content, keep writing! We’re always our harshest judges.

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  5. True Moon. We judge ourselves a lot. But yes frankly when I don’t like my creations, I always think of discarding it. You know very well that only the writer knows where the creativity is lacking and it starts haunting that whatever I wrote was trash.
    Even artists like Van Gogh painted and discarded a lot of those what we today call as masterpieces. Many of his canvases have got layered painting, meaning he sketched something and decided to cover it as it was not perfect. And what am I? Just nothing.

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  6. Don’t be so harsh to yourself πŸ˜€ People value Van Gogh not because of his skill – otherwise they’d have valued him while he was still alive. With most famous artists they are valued long after they’re dead.

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  7. Artists like Van Gogh, who are extraordinary and genius, most of the time their skills are never recognized when they are alive. Take the example of Franz Kafka, Shelley, Ramanujan (Mathematician) and many more. This is because common people failed to understand them as they were far ahead of time.
    Haha.. no I am not being harsh. I know my capability. I am a common person who scribbles sometimes.

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