Just A Letter


Background :

Norman was just born when his parents got divorced. The legal suit took quite a long time to settle and it had a huge impact on little Norman. Norman never met his father nor did his father ever wanted to meet him. To Norman, the term “Father” was unknown. So he writes a letter to his “Father”, after a long time, with mixed emotions.

Dear Father,

I don’t know how I should start. I have never written you a letter. Frankly, why should I write a letter to you as I have never seen you? And that too after so many years? I really don’t know. I just thought I need to tell you something.

I have never seen you. I have only heard from my mom that you left mom just after your marriage. I heard from others that you did that deliberately, though I never asked the reason to mom. I couldn’t. From the very initial days of a child, when it needs the care and support of their parents, I was exposed to the brutal world where people questioned me about you. I couldn’t answer, as I was too little to understand. My little mind was hurt. I panicked and wanted to stay away from my friends and their parents as far as possible. I was afraid. For once when I tried to ask mom, I saw tears in her eyes and my immature mind became mature enough not to ask anything more, never in future. I had to dig a grave and bury my feelings inside.

My mom toiled hard and made me what I am today. She struggled all alone to bring me up, educate me and most importantly, she made me a proper human being. Those days are faded memory today, but till date I know my mom’s wound is not healed. Perhaps it will never heal. And the wound that you gave me “indirectly”, which I have carried and still carrying forward – will that heal? I don’t know.

But why am I writing this to you? Do I demand an apology from you? No, I don’t care whether you apologize or not – because enough water has flown through the river in all these years. I am not writing this to you because I hate you – I don’t hate you anymore. Those days are just my nightmares I want to forget and hating you will not let me forget that. Probably you don’t even remember now that you had a life connected to me. I am writing because I wanted to tell you, what I was never able to tell you – you did WRONG. This wrong will never be right. You try to forget it, delete it – but your conscious will never let you forget the fact.

Your Son (Biological – Yes that’s something you can’t deny)




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