Caged King

The mighty and dangerous lion – once the king of the jungle – Now, Caged.

This picture was taken a year back. This experience was pretty memorable one for me – because the situation was a little scary.

The enclosure was not much crowded when I was there. When I was trying to observe him closely, somehow he became angry with the other lioness (not in picture) present in the enclosure. The lion started roaring – and the anger and fury in the roars can’t be described in words. It seemed he was angry with his caged life – which he never deserved. He was a king, and it was an insult for a king to stay behind bars. Other visitors around backed off immediately, but I didn’t. Probably I could identify myself with his anger and rage and I couldn’t take my eyes off the dangerously gorgeous sight of the lion’s approach. I waited and got this shot when he roared the loudest – I guess the whole sanctuary heard it.



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