Sunrise or Sunset?

“The worst of all deception is self deception.”Plato

What is a reflection? Simply speaking – it’s an image of an object which we can see or cannot see. An image is something which creates an impression of an object in our mind. Now the question arises – which one is real, the object or the image? Can you decide it?

Many of you will argue that, “Of course the object is the real one – why go for the image when you can see the actual thing?”. But then again, if the reflection depicts the object and shapes our perception – then what is the difference between these two? Can we actually differentiate? Or is it a deceptive reality?

This is a queer paradox we often encounter in our life. We see things in life, often as we think it is – or more specifically, as we think it should be. We create an image in our subconscious and build our perceptions around it – we think the perceived image as “real”. How does this pre-concieved notion gets built? Mostly by our existing system, the “do’s and don’ts” we are made to follow, the rules of “normalcy” framed by our “well-wishers” or “guardian angels”. We follow them, believe them and live in an illusion believing it to be “real”.

To break the illusion, we need to question the image. Once we start doubting the image – we begin the search for actual reality and then, with continuous creation of ripples, the reflection becomes unstable. We begin to analyse the circumstances and the once obscure reality comes out clearer and the cloud of uncertainty disappears – showing us the real object we wanted to see from the beginning, but failed to identify.

P.S. – This is my own click of sunset over the river Ganges.

3 thoughts on “Reflections – Real?

  1. Thoughts provoking. Amazingly written.

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