Lighting the memories

Time never stops – so is it really possible to turn back the clock and turn old to new? May be not. But with occassional revisit down the memory lane turn the black and white memories colourful again.

This is an old picture of Diwali – with candle lightings in my window. There is an age old belief that during this time old departed souls come within our sphere and at every home lights up to welcome them. With all kinds of digital lightings currently present in market – I still prefer the age old system of lighting candles. So every year the candles remain the same with an alteration of design.

In response to the photo challenge – Old and New

2 thoughts on “Memories – Evergreen

  1. Nemo, I love this response to our challenge, and I thank you. I think this year at Diwali I may light my own candles, I like the idea of old souls being welcomed into our homes. Just the good souls though! 🙂

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  2. Thanks and you are welcome Sue 😊 There are lots of stories and beliefs across the country related with various festivals across different religions. Narratives vary with regions. Every year I take an hour or more to make this candle design – trying to come up with something new each year. Hope the good souls bless you this year! 😊


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