Brighter side

Every colour is different. With the inherent quality of building up moods, the implications of the use of colours change drastically. In my opinion, combination of colours along with perfect background is way more effective than a monochrome view.

Personally, yellow is not something I find attractive often. That’s why my photo library lacks images portraying yellow as a dominant one. After scrolling up and down for a while, I found this picture of a roadside common flower at a rural railway station. I was minutely watching the ant which was really busy searching the nectar . In a chilling afternoon on the backdrop of setting Sun, while strolling alone in a distant, lonely railway station – I found this small tree as my dear companion until I boarded the train.

In response to the photo challenge – Yellow

7 thoughts on “Yellow – The colour of expression

  1. Aw, your little flower is a lovely shade of yellow and I love the way you managed to get the ant too!. Thank you for linking to our colour challenge Nemo. 🙂

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  2. Ah thanks a lot Sue! Yeah I was specifically watching that ant for a long time and tried to keep it in the pic. I guess wandering around just makes one notice every little details around us. 😊

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